Uphold the rights of the orphan

defend the cause of the widow

Isaiah (Chapter one, verse 17)

The Israeli NGO Amitsim is about a very specific kind of courage.

The courage of young widows and  widowers. And the courage of children confronted with the challenge of rebuilding their lives after the death of a father or a mother.

At Amitsim, we call these families orphaned families.


Amitsim is the Israeli NGO founded by a woman, a young mother of four children, many years after her husband died suddenly of a stroke. Her vision is to provide orphaned families with the resources and support that were lacking for her and her own family.

Who are Israel's

orphaned families?

Widows and widowers (ages 25-45) and their children who have survived the death of a parent after a struggle with cancer or heart disease. Less often, these deaths are the cruel outcome of suicide. And more rarely, road accidents or criminal violence.

They number approximately 30,000 children and youth

—and their surviving parents number more than ten thousand.


There are also, sadly, several hundred Israeli children who have suffered the death of parents due to war and terror. But thankfully there are many government services and NGOs dedicated to meeting the needs of those families.

  • Amitsim is the first Israeli NGO wholly dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned families.

  • At present, there are no government services dedicated to orphaned families—but Amitsim is working to change that

How does Amitsim make life better for a young orphaned family?

For a young family — the death of a spouse, or the loss of a parent — is the breaking of a sacred trust.

It is a loss almost impossible to articulate — yet the first step forward

must be to create a dedicated space and resources for orphaned families

to seek help in giving their own voice to that loss.

  • Access to Amitsim Homes, drop-in centers throughout the country where orphaned families can gain knowledge and compassionate counsel in building their new lives.

  • Individual counseling and support (on-line and in person) for young widows and widowers.

  • Peer communities — and gatherings — for widows, widowers and their children

  • Therapeutic groups for children, with a focus on bibliography and videography.

  • Advocacy among decision makers — to provide a public response to urgent and time-sensitive economic and social needs.

Join our compassionate donors

and volunteers

Help us make a sustainable difference

in the lives of young orphaned families

Amitsim has created that space, a compass and a new support system after the world the orphaned family has known is permanently — and irreparably — lost.

Close to 700 young families have turned to Amitsim for help. They will gain: